There are 12 miles of footpaths, bridleways and byways in Carham parish, Northumberland

There are about 12 miles (19 km) of footpaths and other public rights of way in Carham parish. These can be seen on Northumberland County Council’s Public Rights of Way map – put “Carham” into the Search box to go directly to our area.

To report a problem with a right of way, go to Northumberland County Council’s Report page.

Footpaths Group

We have an active footpaths group that organises three or four walks a year to check that the public rights of way are open and in good condition. As part of the preparation for each walk, the group’s organiser liaises with the landowners on whose land the footpaths lie, as well as researching some of the history, geology and natural history of the route. They also liaise with Northumberland County Council to obtain improvements to the network of public rights of way in the parish.

Walks are advertised in the News + Events section of this website and on posters that are put up locally.

Past walks

Wark, West Learmouth, Cornhill, Campfield 26 September 2020

Farm Walk at Mindrum 20 October 2019

Paths, Verges and Commons 15 June 2019

East Learmouth to Barley Hill 2 March 2019

Pressen, Piperdean Lane and Selby’s Hill 10 November 2018

Further afield

There are numerous opportunities for walking in North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. Carham parish is close to Northumberland National Park, and St Cuthbert’s Way passes through the Cheviot hills just to the south of us. The Pennine Way finishes just four miles away, in Kirk Yetholm, and the Northumberland Coast Path is about half an hour’s drive away.

For more ideas, see the Visit Northumberland website.