Memorials and Monuments

Carham War Memorial

The Grade II listed war memorial at East Learmouth commemorates and names the men of Carham parish who died in the First World War. The memorial was paid for by public subscription and was unveiled in 1920. The parish records suggest that funding for the memorial fell short but was made up by members of the Parish Council.

The names of those who died in the Second World War have been added to the east-facing side of the monument.

Selby family memorial

The First World War memorial that is indicated on some older maps at St Mary’s Mission Church (see Church, Chapels, Graveyards) is no longer there. It was moved to the churchyard of St Gregory the Great in Kirknewton, where it remains today.

The memorial was erected by a local family, the Selbys, who patronised St Mary’s Mission Church. It takes the form of a celtic cross on a plinth and is made of red sandstone. This is incongruous in its current location, but would have been completely in keeping with its original site at Mindrum Station, where all the railway buildings are made of stone of the same type.

Erskine monument

On the byway between The Hagg and East Moneylaws there is a monument to Ralph Erskine (1685-1752), who was one of those involved in the First Secession from the established church in Scotland. Ralph Erskine was the son of Henry Erskine (1624-1696), a Scottish non-conformist and dissenter, whose first ministry was at Cornhill on Tweed and who later returned to the area after being banished from Scotland. The monument, a granite obelisk, was erected in 1878 and marks the location of the house where Ralph Erskine was born.

The inscription on the monument reads:

Erected A.D. 1878 in front of the house in which the Rev Ralph Erskine was born A.D. 1685. He was son of the Rev Henry Erskine presbyterian minister of Cornhill from 1649 till the Bartholomew Ejectment in 1662. He was one of the founders of the Scotch Secession Church and minister in Dunfermline from 1711 till his death in 1752. He attained great celebrity as a pastor, preacher and author.