Memorials and Monuments


War Memorial

The Grade II listed war memorial at East Learmouth commemorates the men of Carham parish who died in the First and Second World Wars.

The war memorial at East Learmouth, Carham parish, Northumberland commemorates the men who died in the First World War and the Second World War

The names of the men who lost their lives are engraved on the memorial

First World War

The memorial that is shown on some older maps at St Mary’s Mission Church (see Church, Chapels and a Graveyard) is no longer there. It was moved to the churchyard of St Gregory in Kirknewton, to which St Mary’s was attached, some years ago. The memorial was erected by a local family, the Selbys, in memory of two sons who died in the First World War.


Erskine Monument

On the byway between The Hagg and West Moneylaws there is a monument to Henry Erskine (1624-1696), a Scottish non-conformist and dissenter. His preaching caused him to fall foul of the law and he was banished from Scotland. He settled at Old Moneylaws, a house that has now been demolished. The monument, a granite pillar, was erected in 1876.