Carham Parish Council

The Annual Parish Council Meeting was held on 10 May. Among other things, the meeting reviewed and agreed the Parish Council’s Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR). The AGAR documents are all available on the Standards page of this website. The AGAR and the accounting records for the financial year, and documents relating to these records, are available for inspection on reasonable notice by application to the Parish Clerk from Monday 13 June 2022 to Friday 22 July 2022.

Annual Parish Council Meeting

The Annual Parish Council Meeting will be on Tuesday 10 May at St Cuthbert’s church, Carham. The meeting will start at 6.35 pm or on the rising of the preceding Annual Parish Assembly, whichever is the later. You can find the agenda and minutes of previous meetings on our Meetings page. All parishioners are welcome to attend the meeting. Please contact the Parish Clerk for more information.